is a leading company in producing & Exporting Egyptian Fresh Citrus,  all over the world. The fruit destined to the fresh market is treated with a very special care – it is harvested with special picking crews using scissors and it is handled in a way to avoid hurting the fruit.

During the packing processing operation it is selected, washed, treated with fungicides and stored in special degreening rooms,  and palletized.

Fruit is then carefully stored in 40’ reefer containers hc and sent to the port and shipped in reefer container vessels.

"All the efforts and technology to grant the best quality fruit to the market"

Best Quality

Each of our products undergoes strict testing to ensure top quality and adherence to our customers’ requirements.

Sanitary Standards

Striving to maintain the internationally accepted quality control and sanitary standards


We are assigning expertise in the line of fresh fruits and vegetables and they are strictly selected after our careful inspection which allows us to give you the competitive edge necessary to become a leader in your market place.

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